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Voter's Guide for Serious Catholics

We are rapidly approaching a new election, and much hangs in the balance. Even Pope Benedict is alarmed— particularly about certain attempts being made to limit that most cherished of American freedoms; the freedom of religion.

He has warned us to “Get active or lose your freedoms.”

That’s why Catholic Answers is rolling out three crucial resources this election year.

  • Reliable, tried and proven—The Voter’s Guide for Serious Catholics has proved its effectiveness over and over each election year since 2004
  • Straight Talk About Abortion lays out the case against abortion in stark, undeniable terms and demonstrates in a powerful and unexpected way why abortion can’t be dismissed as merely a “religious issue” and why everyone must take it seriously.
  • Why Homosexual Unions Are Not Marriages tells it like it is, and firmly and charitably explains why homosexual unions are not marriages.

Please consider making a generous donation to help Catholic Answers To get the booklets printed and distributed before Election Day.
As a thank-you for your donation of $35 or more, we will send you a free copy of each of the booklets:

  • The Voter’s Guide for Serious Catholics
  • Straight Talk About Abortion
  • Why Homosexual Unions Are Not Marriages

If, however, you are able to give at least $50 then we will send you ten copies of each booklet so that you can hand them out to others and jolt them into action.

Many thanks for your support on this project and all our good works.

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