The Truth is Out There

It’s no secret that young people today have been losing their faith in droves.

How many parents and grandparents have had their hearts broken by seeing their children and grandchildren abandon the faith?

What’s worse, many young people today don’t have the patience to sit and read a book explaining why they should stay Catholic.

That’s why Catholic Answers has produced a resource unlike anything we have done before.

The Truth Is Out There is a brand-new graphic novel that uses the power of words and pictures to deliver the truth of the Catholic Faith.

It tells the whimsical story of two characters on an outer-space adventure. But their quest takes an unexpected turn as they begin to wrestle with the larger questions of life.

Why do we exist?

  • Is there an afterlife?
  • How can we find happiness?
  • Does God exist?
  • Is Catholicism the true faith?
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The Truth Is Out There will do a lot of good for young people and for anyone interested in a creative, fun-loving way of presenting the Catholic Faith.

For that to happen, we must reach people who work with large numbers of young people. We need to send as many copies as we can to Catholic parishes, high schools, and colleges.

This will help a huge number of young people. But we need your help to pull it off.

Catholic Answers had to invest up front to produce this innovative way of saving souls, and we don’t have the funds to send it out to the youth ministers who need to read it and discover its potential.

For that matter, it’s a difficult time for Catholic Answers. Like many nonprofit organizations, we’ve been hit hard by the economy, and without the generous support of donors like you, we will have to cut back on our apostolic work.

If you’re able to give $40 or more, as a thank-you for your generosity we’d like to send you a FREE copy of The Truth Is Out There to enrich your faith or that of a young person you know. We’ll also include a special Study Guide to make learning from it even more fun and easy.

If you’re able to donate $60 or more, we’ll also include an autographed copy of my own book The Nightmare World of Jack Chick, so you can combat the comic books that try to undermine our Catholic Faith.

For whatever help you can offer, you have our sincerest thanks.

Catholic Answers needs your help, so please be generous.


Jimmy Akin 

Jimmy Akin
Senior Apologist


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