Radio Club Membership Drive - Summer 2015

Catholic Answers Live radio club drive drive is underway right now!

But it won't last long, because the drive ends at: 

11:59 PM, Monday, August 3, 2015 (Pacific Time) 


Catholic Answers Live needs your help to stay on the air and keep reaching souls for Christ.

As a thank you for your generosity, we’d like to send you several free gifts ...

How you Can Receive the FREE Gifts

There are two ways to receive the free gifts:

  1. Join the Catholic Answers Live Radio Club by Monday, August 3, with a donation level of $18 or more per month
  2. Make a one-time donation of $200 or more

(Hint: The second option works even if you are already a member of the Radio Club; we want to make sure that our Radio Club members don’t miss out on any of these special offers as they support the show!)

Just fill out the secure, verified e-commerce form on this page.

Now here’s what you’ll receive...


Just For the Early Birds

The Spirit of CatholicismIf you are able to donate by Monday, August 3, we’ll send you one of the greatest works of theology ever written, The Spirit of Catholicism (a $19.95 value), by the 20th-century German theologian and priest Karl Adam.

This book will teach you how the Church’s core identity—the communion of saints united in Christ’s mystical body—informs Catholic doctrine and practice. Karl Adam begins by asking what Catholicism essentially is, and in response offers a profound yet accessible meditation on the Church’s unique character—in its distinctive teachings like the papacy and the sacraments, but also in the mystery of its eternal fulfilment in heaven. One of the finest works of Catholic apologetics written in the last 100 years, The Spirit of Catholicism is a must-read for any Catholic who wants to understand the Church more deeply. 

This gift is just for the early birds who help get our summer radio drive off to a rolling start. It will only be available until Monday, August 3, so act promptly!

We’d also like to send you three FREE resources that will help you evangelize in your daily life . . .

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Where in Scripture Does It Say...?

Proving the Catholic Faith Is Biblical If you want quick, substantive answers to the most common (and even several uncommon) claims that Catholic beliefs and practices aren't biblical, then you will want to read Proving the Catholic Faith is Biblical (a $19.95 value).

These pages contain 80 powerful essays that make sense of beliefs and practices that puzzle non-Catholics and Catholics alike. Veteran apologist Dave Armstrong carefully walks you through key teachings of the Church—such as the basis for priestly celibacy, purgatory, the ritual of the Holy Mass, and more—revealing how each is rooted in Scripture.

This book will help you to easily explain that not only is the Catholic Faith thoroughly biblical, it is the only Christian religion in full conformity with Scripture.


What Does It Mean To Be A Catholic?

Now What?: A Guide for New (And Not-So-New) CatholicsYou've joined the Church or rediscovered your faith: Now what? If you're at a loss about how to participate fully in the Church, or about why Catholics say or do certain things, this book can help.

Now What?: A Guide for New (and Not-So-New) Catholics, by Catholic apologist Patrick Madrid (a $14.95 value) offers practical advice and clears up misconceptions about what it means to be Catholic. 

Here is a practical guide for all those who feel out of their element now that they are in the Catholic Church.

Now What? makes a perfect gift for those who have just joined or come back to the Church!

Finally, if you’re able to make a gift of $500 or more, we’d also like to send you two more beautifully bound books . . .


A Year with Mary

A Year with MaryThe words of St. Bernard of Clairvaux ring true: “Of Mary, there is never enough!” She is a mystery that faithful Christians seek to understand more fully, an ocean “full of grace” that is awaiting deeper exploration. 

In A Year with Mary: Daily Meditations on the Mother of God (a $44.95 value), best-selling Catholic author Paul Thigpen sets sail on that ocean, using the profound insights of saints and other spiritual writers as his map. These 365 reflections, drawn from their writings, reveal Mary’s role in God’s plan, the virtues she so perfectly models, and the rich benefits of Marian devotion.

The beautiful Premium UltraSoft gift edition features two-tone sewn binding, a ribbon marker, gold edges, and specially designed interior pages.


A Year with the Bible

A Year with the BibleJoin Patrick Madrid and discover the majesty and power of scripture in A Year with the Bible: Scriptural Wisdom for Daily Living (a $44.95 value). Beautifully bound and embossed, this daily devotional offers profound passages from the Bible accompanied by thoughtful meditations by Madrid, world-renowned writer and apologist.

This vibrant spiritual collection is the perfect daily companion, packed with the wisdom of the Scriptures, the Word of God. A Year with the Bible is an excellent introduction to Scripture, a daily devotional, and a tool for deeper prayer. This book is as versatile as it is beautiful.

The beautiful Premium UltraSoft gift edition features two-tone sewn binding, a ribbon marker, gold edges, and specially designed interior pages.


THREE Chances to Win

Ipad AirRegardless of the amount you can give, Catholic Answers Live would like to enter you in three drawings.

All Radio Club members will be entered into drawings with a chance to win:

•A $100 Catholic Answers shopping spree

•A $250 Catholic Answers shopping spree

•An iPad Air loaded with great Catholic apps from St. Clement ePress

Drawings will be held on the show on Tuesday, August 25, 2015. 

Anyone who makes a donation to Catholic Answers Live between August 19, 2014 and August 17, 2015 is eligible for the drawings.

Participants are assigned a number, and winning numbers are selected by random number generator.


What It's All About  

Catholic Answers Live is a terrific show that helps people across the world grow closer to God.

We’re determined to take the Church’s message to the people who need it most, but we need your help to do that.

Don’t forget:

•If you donate $18 or more per month or make a one-time donation of $200 or more then you will receive Karl Adam’s The Spirit of Catholicism, Dave Armstrong’s collection of essays, Proving the Catholic Faith is Biblical, and Patrick Madrid’s Now What?: A Guide for New (and Not-So-New) Catholics, (a total value of $54.85).

•If you’re able to donate $500 or more, you’ll also receive two more beautifully bound books: A Year with Mary: Daily Meditations on the Mother of God, by Paul Thigpen, and A Year with the Bible: Scriptural Wisdom for Daily Living, by Patrick Madrid.

•Regardless of the amount of your donation, you’ll be entered in the drawings for the two shopping sprees and the iPad 3.

We depend on you, so please be generous. Your support makes all of Catholic Answers’ good work possible.

Just fill out the secure, verified form on this page.

Thank you for your generosity! 



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