Radio Club Membership Drive - Spring 2015

Catholic Answers Live radio club drive drive is underway right now!

But it won't last long, because the drive ends at: 

11:59 PM, Monday, May 4, 2015 (Pacific Time) 


Catholic Answers Live needs your help to stay on the air and keep reaching souls for Christ.

As a thank you for your generosity, we’d like to send you several free gifts ...

How you Can Receive the FREE Gifts

There are two ways to receive the free gifts:

  1. Join the Catholic Answers Live Radio Club by Monday, May 4, with a donation level of $18 or more per month
  2. Make a one-time donation of $200 or more

(Hint: The second option works even if you are already a member of the Radio Club; we want to make sure that our Radio Club members don’t miss out on any of these special offers as they support the show!)

Just fill out the secure, verified e-commerce form on this page.

Now here’s what you’ll receive...


JUST for the Early Birds

Evidence for Our FaithIf you are able to donate by Monday, May 4, we’ll send you Father Joseph Cavanaugh’s apologetic classic, Evidence for Our Faith (a $19.95 value), the latest addition to our Catholic Answers Classics series.

Evidence for Our Faith presents a powerful case for the Catholic Faith. It covers topics like:

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  • Why we should believe in God
  • Why we should be Christian rather than something else
  • Why the Gospels are reliable
  • Why Jesus of Nazareth is the Christ
  • Why the Catholic Church was founded by Jesus
  • Why you can trust the teachings of the Catholic Church

Evidence for Our Faith is an invaluable and enduring resource for Catholics who want explain and defend the Catholic Faith.

Now, Catholic Answers Press has published it in a handsome, hardback prestige edition that uses acid-free paper and is designed to last a lifetime. 

This gift is just for the early birds who help get our spring radio drive off to a rolling start. It will only be available until Monday, May 4, so act promptly!

We’d also like to send you three FREE resources that will help you evangelize in your daily life . . .


Discover Abraham, Father of Faith and Works

Abraham: Father of Faith and WorksIn this dynamic DVD presentation, Abraham: Father of Faith and Works (a $19.95 value), best-selling author Stephen Ray takes you on an exciting journey through Iraq, Turkey, Palestinian territories, and Israel. 

You'll discover Abraham's hometown near Baghdad, where he offered Isaac as a sacrifice, and the tomb of the patriarchs, where Abraham is buried. 

Learn how Abraham was justified before God by faith, obedience, and good works. 

This fast-paced, entertaining film unites the Old and New Testaments to help you get to know the father of our Faith! 

Jimmy Akin, Catholic Answers’ senior apologist and author of Fathers Know Best, raves:

"In this dynamic film, Steve Ray takes you on a pilgrimage to the little-known and rarely visited holy sites where Abraham walked—places few people ever get to see. Steve's unmistakable passion for the subject illuminates the story of Abraham and sheds new light on a key figure for Jews and Christians and his role in God's plan for the ages.”  

Includes a comprehensive study guide and 30-minute bonus “Making Of” film.


Finding Christ in Pop Culture

Seeds of the WordSince the first century, Christians have detected “seeds of the Word" in the surrounding culture. 

No matter how charred or distorted the fragments, we can always uncover inklings of the Gospel, which can then lead people to God. 

Through this compelling collection of essays, Seeds of the Word: Finding God in the Culture (a $24.95 value), Fr. Robert Barron finds those “seeds" in today's most popular films, books, and current events:

  • How do Superman, Gran Torino, and The Hobbit illuminate the figure of Jesus?
  • How does Bob Dylan convey the prophetic overtones of Jeremiah and Isaiah?
  • Where can we detect the ripple of original sin in politics, sports, and Internet culture?

Finding the “seeds of the Word" requires a new vision. This book will train you to see them.


Finally, if you’re able to make a gift of $500 or more, we’d also like to send you something very special . . .

The Didache Bible

The Didache BibleThe Didache Bible (a $54.95 value) is a beautiful edition of the Bible that presents extensive commentaries, based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church, for each of the books of the Holy Bible. 

It includes numerous apologetic inserts to assist the reader in understanding the Church’s teachings on current issues.

It uses the Revised Standard Version, Second Catholic Edition translation of the Old and New Testaments. This translation is considered by many Catholic leaders and authors, including Peter Kreeft and Scott Hahn, to be the most beautiful contemporary English translation.

The Didache Bible is ideal for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the Catholic Faith.


  • Twenty-seven full-color biblical maps, including the journeys of Jesus Christ
  • More than 100 apologetic explanations to help you answer common questions about the faith
  • Comprehensive, forty-three page glossary and a topical index
  • Large 6" x 9" size
  • Leather binding

THREE Chances to Win

Ipad AirRegardless of the amount you can give, Catholic Answers Live would like to enter you in three drawings.

All Radio Club members will be entered into drawings with a chance to win:

  • A $100 Catholic Answers shopping spree
  • A $250 Catholic Answers shopping spree
  • An iPad Air 2 loaded with great Catholic apps from St. Clement ePress

Drawings will be held on the show on Tuesday, May 26, 2015. 

Anyone who makes a donation to Catholic Answers Live between May 20, 2014 and May 18, 2015 is eligible for the drawings.

Participants are assigned a number, and winning numbers are selected by random number generator.

What It’s All About

Catholic Answers Live is a terrific show that helps people across the world grow closer to God.

We’re determined to take the Church’s message to the people who need it most, but we need your help to do that.

Don’t forget:

  • If you donate $18 or more per month or make a one-time donation of $200 or more then you will receive Fr. Joseph Cavanaugh’s classic book Evidence for Our Faith, Steve Ray’s DVD, Abraham: Father of Faith and Works, and Fr. Robert Barron’s collection of essays, Seeds of the World: Finding God in the Culture, (a total value of $64.85).
  • If you’re able to donate $500 or more, you’ll also receive The Didache Bible.
  • Regardless of the amount of your donation, you’ll be entered in the drawings for the two shopping sprees and the iPad Air 2.

We depend on you, so please be generous. Your support makes all of Catholic Answers’ good work possible.

Just fill out the secure, verified form on this page.

Thank you for your generosity!


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