Fall 2012 Donation Drive

We only come to you twice a year to ask for help for the Forums, but we need your help at this time.

CAF is the largest Catholic community online.  Everyday it changes the lives of countless individuals.  It receives over 4 million hits per month.  To keep it going we need your help.

It costs more than $12,000 a month to keep Catholic Answers Forums operating, and we need to raise the funds for the next six months.

Let us offer our thanks by helping you get the most out of Pope Benedict's Year of Faith:

  • For a monthly donation of $15 (or a one-time gift of $150) we'll send you Faith Clips, the fascinating DVD by Fr. Robert Barron, in which he answers 50 frequently asked questions about the Catholic faith.  It's a $19.95 value.

  • For $25 a month (or a one-time gift of $300) we have two gifts for you: Fr. Barron's Faith Clips DVD and a handsome, large-size copy of Catechism of the Catholic Church so that you can follow Pope Benedict's plan by building your faith in the Year of Faith.  Also great as a gift idea for friend or family.  Together the gifts are a $44.90 value.

  • For $50 a month (or a one-time gift of $600 or more) we have three gifts for you: Fr. Barron's Faith Clips DVD, a copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and a copy of Fr. Barron's amazing, 10-episode DVD set, Catholicism.  Together they are a $194.85 value.

Things are tight right now, and some people who would otherwise contribute may not be able to. To help make up for that, please consider raising your monthly donation to the next higher level.

Everyone who supports the Forums —at whatever level— will be entered in a drawing to win a free iPad loaded with Catholic Answers material. The value of the iPad and the materials it contains is over $1,000.  Your generous donation helps make all our good works possible.

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"Last year at this time, I was a lost Christian.  I was sincerely seeking truth and thanks to you all here at Catholic Answers Forums, I am now a proud Catholic--and discerning a vocation to the priesthood.  If it wasn't for CAF, I would never have become Catholic"

"My long journey home to the Catholic Church will conclude this Sunday when I am confirmed and received into the Church.  Catholic Answers Forums has been one of the greatest resources at my disposal during my journey.  I want to thank everyone who has assisted me in answering questions and encouraging me to continue."

"I came across the Catholic Answers Forum recently and spend many fruitful hours viewing the Ask an Apologist Forum.  It provided a treasure trove of information and answered many questions I have had about the faith.  I have been studying Catholicism for nearly a year now, and I have decided to become a Catholic"

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